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Product Name : Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter heating function
Item# : FNS550E
Model : FNS550E
Was Price: CNY2300/RMB
Now Price : CNY1800/RMB
Last update : 2017.03.16
Manufacturer :

The FNS550E's flow detectors offer the strength and durability of steel with a choice of chemical or abrasive resistant liners.



•The FNS550 E flow detector uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement, which applies Faraday's Law as the principle of operation.

•No moving parts

•High accuracy

•Wide operating range

•No obstruction to the flow

•Little to no pressure loss

•Liners to suit chemical or abrasive applications

•A choice of electrodes to suit the process

•Variety of flange types available

•Robust construction

•Steel welded construction

•Submersible to 10 meters (5 feet) of water

•Suitable for buried service

•Minimal straight pipe installation requirements

•FNS550 E transmitter which features multiple outputs and flexible programming


General Applications:

•Water production and distribution.

•Waste water monitoring and treatment.

•Irrigation flow measurement.

•Mining slurries.

•Effluent discharge

•Pulp and paper applications


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