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Product Name : Battery Powered Turbine Flowmeter transmitter pcb
Item# : FNS220
Model : FNS220
Was Price: CNY790/RMB
Now Price : CNY600/RMB
Last update : 2017.03.15
Manufacturer :

TEREN-TFM series turbine flow meter is a new kind of flow meter, which is especially used to measure the flow of fuel oil, such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel, kerosene. It adapts the advanced technologies of flow meter at home and abroad. Its design has been optimized to have many characteristics, such as simple structure, light weight, high accuracy, good repeatability, sensitive reaction, easy installation, etc. Nowadays, it is widely used in various fields, e.g. petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, national defense, etc.


Gas Turbine flow meter have absorbed the advanced technology of fluid instruments from abroad and domestic, and it was been designed by synthesized pneumatics, hydromechanics,electromagnetism and other theories. The gas turbine flow meter is the new version high accuracy, more reliable gas precision measure instruments which has integrated temperature,pressure, flow sensor and digital flow integrator, it with high performance measure capacity of high and low pressure, multiple signal output and low sensitive for fluid perturbation. Widely apply to natural gas, coal gas,liquid gas, light acetylene gas and other gases measuring.

* High quality alloy turbine, have higher steady flow and corrosion effect
* Imported high quality bearing, long service life
* Measuring room from ventilation chamber, guarantee the safety of the instrument
* Can be detected by measuring the temperature, pressure, and flow of the gas, can flow automatic tracking compensation, and displays a standard condition (Pb = 101.325 KPa, Tb = 101.325 K) of gas volume cumulant; Can be real-time query temperature and pressure values
* Wide range of flow rate (Qmax/Qmin≥30:1), good repeatability, high precision (up to 1.0), small pressure loss, initiating flow rate is low, can reach 0.6m3/h
* Intelligent instrument coefficient more nonlinear correction
* Built-in pressure, temperature sensors, high safety performance, compact structure, beautiful shape
* Instruments with explosion protection and protective functions, marks for Exd Ⅱ BT6, Exia Ⅱ CT6, protection grade reaches IP65
* System low power consumption, section 3.2 V10AH lithium batteries can be use more than 3 years in a row
* Instrument coefficient, the cumulative flow value power lost decade is not lost.


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