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Product Name : Turbine Flowmeters pcb transmitter
Item# : FNS210
Model : FNS210
Was Price: CNY790/RMB
Now Price : CNY600/RMB
Last update : 2017.02.22
Manufacturer :

vortex converter using DSP technology, the development of digital tracking filter to achieve the automatic tracking vortex signal processing to achieve low measurement limit, and high stability over a wide range of targets. Converter to achieve a fully digital potentiometer and no, no DIP switch design, improving meter reliability and maximize the automated debugging done to reduce user productivity, on-site commissioning and after-sales service costs.

vortex converter features:
1, all-digital automated debugging: users only need to set two parameters to complete the debugging operations.

2, low-flow measurement limit: Gas: 2m / s liquid: 0.15m /s.

3, wide flow measurement range: measuring cap ratio: 64:1

4, with HART functionality: remote parameter setting and commissioning.

5,  with  a  passive  pulse  output,  user-friendly  on-site calibration.


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