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Electromagnetic flowmeter common faults

Electromagnetic flowmeter common malfunctions are:
(1) no flow signal;
(2) output shaking;
(3) unstable zero;
(4) the flow measurement values do not tally with the actual value;
(5) lose signal mountain full value 5 classes.
Often use inspection means or methods and inspection content have?
(1) general routine inspection instrument
(2) alternative method: using converter and between the sensor and converter internal circuit board components, the interchangeability between alternative method to determine fault location.
(3) the signal trace method: replace sensor with analog signal device, the liquid flow under the condition of not provide traffic signals, to test the electromagnetic flow transducer.
Check to start work from display instrument is normal, reflux quantity signal direction.Converter with analog signal device testing, to determine the fault occurred in the converter and after an instrument is sufficient in the converter of the upper sensor.If sufficient converter fault, such as conditional can easily borrow converter or converter circuit board as alternative method of debugging;If sensor need try switching, because must stop running, pipeline system, because of the wide range, often not easy to do.Especially big flow sensor, try to change quantity is big, usually only in the finished inspection of other items, finally resolved, unload the pipe inspection sensor measuring internal conditions or exchange.

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